Xmas Rooftop Battles

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Xmas Rooftop Battles

Santa needs your assistance to stop the invaders from destroying the earth and turning cities upside down in order to make sure that Christmas will be happy.
It's time for the Xmas Rooftop Battles, a fun tournament.

Light snow is falling, and different Christmas decorations can be seen around. Roofs might freeze, but that shouldn't stop different characters from starting the conflict! Join the fight and use your character to defeat other players!

Join other players in playing this online multiplayer game as you attempt to eliminate as many opponents as you can. Your goal is to win every battle and unlock every character's skin. The main menu offers three different play modes for you to choose from.

Your familiarity with the controls, objectives, and gameplay mechanics will improve thanks to the tutorial in the first section. The next mode of play is two-person play. You can play against a friend in this mode because you both use the same keyboard. The last is the main game mode, online combat.

Click the "find a match" button to team up with an online player and win the game. A game must end with three points for victory. You do this by shooting your opponent from a roof. Playing well in games unlocks character skins.

Try to blast your opponent from the balcony in this entertaining game.


Controls Guide

Use the controller or the W and E keys on the keypad to fire or jump (or O and P).

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