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In, you may choose from a variety of game styles while enjoying Minecraft's visual style. Depending on the mode, players can engage in parkour, sandbox creativity, or warfare.

How to play

If you want to win the BloxdHop game mode, you need to be the first player to go to the map's last checkpoint before the timer runs out. You'll have to do some parkour-style jumping atop different-sized blocks to get through the level and reach the finish.
You must climb the Wicked Tower to complete the task. The goal is to get to the conclusion using parkour abilities, much like in BloxHop.


Experience free, entertaining voxel-based environments right in your browser.
Try your hand at many game variants that all have slightly different goals.
Get gold for your efforts and use it to buy stuff.
Participate with others in a game.

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Controls Guide

Use the arrow keys to navigate, double-tap the W button to sprint, and use C, Z, or Caps Lock to crouch; press Enter to communicate, and use B to open a store or initiate a command.

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