Super Punch-Out!! (USA)

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Super Punch-Out!! (USA)

Play retro game Super Punch-Out!! (USA) on your browser free. Mike Tyson is replaced by several new pugilistic opponents in Super Punch-Out!!, some of whom employ unlawful boxing techniques. Are you able to lead Little Mac to the championship?

How to play

Super Punch-Out!'s gameplay is comparable to that of its NES and arcade predecessors. A well-known boxer is controlled by the player as he competes to win the W.V.B.A. championship. The boxer is translucent on the screen, and the player controls him from a third-person standpoint. Players can use either hand-to-body punches or jab their opponents in the face. Players must aim at the opponent's open spot (where the gloves are not) to land a punch because the opponent can deflect them. Players have to throw the right punches because opponents defend themselves in different ways depending on where they stand. 

Tips 1

Players have a power meter, which is situated at the bottom of the screen, just like in the first two arcade games in the series. The meter increases as the player connect with an opponent's punch, and it decreases as the player is struck. The player will be able to throw knockout strikes, including uppercuts, hooks, and quick punches, after the power meter is fully charged.

Tips 2

These blows take a little longer to deliver, but they hurt the opponent more. The backdrop color behind the player's face in the upper left corner of the screen changes from blue to green to yellow to red as the game goes on, indicating that players can increase their power. When the background turns red, the player is in "Power-Up" mode. The player's punching speed and power increase while in this phase.

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Controls Guide

Use arrow key and try some key ( Shift, Enter, Z, X, A, S , Q, E, R, T, G, F, H ) to controls the game.

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