Retro Battle

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Retro Battle

A casual game called Retro Battle has some enjoyable minigames that appear to be from the past. In this timeless classic, you can engage your opponents in various 2-player street battles.
In Retro Battle, you'll visit a small, vibrant town that saw a mobile console boom and can now battle with the residents for gaming prowess. 

How to play

When traveling through a small town, you can challenge several of the travelers to a hand-to-hand fight where you can defeat them in various disciplines and earn coveted points and bonuses. You may now download a game for your computer or phone that will jog your memory of the past and leave you with a lot of vivid impressions and intense competition between the characters you play.
You unlock new games as you accumulate more wins. Relive the days when you could play games with two people on portable consoles.

Your opponents' levels of difficulty, from "noob" to "hardcore," are clearly stated. In any game you own, you can challenge them to a duel.


Several well-known classics should be played. 
Unlock vintage games to add them to your library. 
Obtain candies to spend in the store. 
There are several options for difficulty levels.

Explore the Tekken 3 Online and Parappa The Rapper games if you like these retro games but want to take on tougher tasks. Enjoy!

Controls Guide

To move, use WASD or arrow keys to move.
E stands for experiment/challenge. 
P is the icon for the game's button. 
To use a game's buttons, left-click them.

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