Vortex 9

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Vortex 9

In Vortex 9, talking robots and cats are at war. Use a mix of heavy weapons and melee weapons to finish various missions. Fight in awe-inspiringly beautiful surroundings that make the conflict seem less intense than you had anticipated.


There are numerous maps and game styles available in the game.
a vast array of weapons, including hefty machine guns and hundreds of simple pistols.
The eight characters include Hellen D. Mon, John, Mercydroid, Jane, Marvin McSpy, Beelzebox Mr. Goodboy, and Jess Purrfect.

Have you ever considered the possibility of retro games online through various online platforms available on the Internet? It is highly recommended that you give Tekken 3 or Disney's Hercules a shot if you are looking for a video game that will trigger sentiments that are both unique.


Controls Guide

WASD is used to control the Grenade.
F = select the item.M1 = Aim, M2 = Shoot, and Space = Jump.Squat = A
Change weapons = ESC WHEEL SCROLLING (or 1, 2, 3, 4)

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