Baldi's Basics

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Baldi's Basics

Baldi's Basics is a fun educational game that now comes in full 3D and covers a wide range of topics.

You'll learn a lot, including spelling and algebra! It's definitely not what it appears to be!

Once you've shown Baldi, there is no turning back, and if he finds out, then...

Baldi should be avoided, and before you leave the premises, gather all seven notebooks. Baldi has a large number of school friends, which can obstruct your progress and raise the possibility that you'll be found, so learn how each one operates and how to avoid drawing their attention.

Use goods to your advantage by looking around. Oh, and try to avoid giving the wrong answer to the question. With each unsatisfactory response, Baldi becomes agitated.

It's definitely not what it appears to be!


Controls Guide

Move with the WASD keys and rotate with the mouse. Use the left mouse button to use the currently chosen item, unlock doors, and minimize items. Use the right mouse button to modify the object that is currently selected.

While jogging while holding shift, press the buttons to quickly look behind you (pay attention to your stamina meter!).
By selecting Escape, a small break is available.

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