Recoil Shooter

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Recoil Shooter

Recoil Shooter! Extermination of all of the monsters on each level by shooting and blasting them. Defeat all foes to progress to the next level.
The next level will present you with adversaries that are more difficult to overcome. Different adversaries at each stage.

15 different levels, and 15 different challenges if you are unable to launch off the ramp, exterminate down toward the ground, and use the recoil to propel you forward.

Never forget that the fate of the world rests in your hands! Take precautions against the wind so that it doesn't carry you away.


Controls Guide

To fire, just click here! Simply make a tapping motion with your finger! You must go in the opposite direction of wherever you are extermination. maneuver yourself in accordance with the gun's tab!

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