Poppy Play Vs Friday Fight Mod

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Poppy Play Vs Friday Fight Mod

Poppy Play vs. Friday Fight Mod is a game that promises to be both incredibly intriguing and enjoyable for you to play. Poppy, who was not intimidated by the singing abilities of our hero, challenged Boy Friden. Boy Friden has fought a lot of competitors in the past, and the next one in line is now Poppy.

It is an honorable decision to accept the offer of one's opponent to engage in combat with that opponent. There is no room for error here, as Freiden's lover is presently observing the musical duel.


Pick the gameplay mode that best suits you from the options available. It might be a story-based mod, or it could be free play.

In the first scenario, you will need to determine the level of difficulty based on the number of similar tests that you have previously passed, after which you will choose the track, or more specifically, the musical fragment, that will be played.

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