Nubic Jumper

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Nubic Jumper

Nubic Jumper is a game that is both incredibly fascinating and entertaining. Let's have some fun together! Take care not to run into any barriers, and jump across the pathways made by the different cubes. Keep your distance from the lava, the hazardous seas, and the explosives that could be dangerous.

Use your reflexes to make sure you keep up with the pace of the game. As you progress in the game, the remaining tracks will gradually be taken out of play and eliminated. If you go too far behind or make contact with any of the obstacles, you will have to start the route over from the very beginning.

Rally all of your attention to the task at hand and concentrate on the game. Aim to achieve the highest score possible in the game, and make it a goal to top your previous best score each time you play.


Controls Guide

Click or tap for mobile devices.

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