Garten of Banban 2

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Garten of Banban 2

Garden of Banban 2 is a horror adventure game sequel. Rainbow Buddies, a ghostly preschool full of rainbow creatures, will return in part 2. Play Garten of Banban II to explore the strangely empty kindergarten.

How to play

The official Garden of Banban mobile game! You'll make friends at Banban's Kindergarten. Find a mysterious building without harming yourself. Investigate the location's dark reality with caution—you're not alone.

All kids love Banban's Kindergarten. The Banban and Friends Gang are the school's mascots and symbols. They make Banban's Kindergarten lonely-free! Banban's Kindergarten—every child's dream: Parents who wanted their children to attend a reputable kindergarten used to choose Banban's Kindergarten.

Once everyone has disappeared on a normal day, you must examine the establishment to find out what happened. Traveling with a friend makes everything better. Use your handy drone to assist you in navigating the facilities and to keep you company when you're lonely and scared, which you will be frequently.

Ever help someone use Banban's garden. Why not make Halloween unforgettable? Christmas garten banban is a prank-style environment in which you can learn about pumpkins, ghosts, and other seasonal items. Choose an event and arrange a prank to make it unforgettable. Prank with witches, zombies, vampires, spiders, werewolves, and other creatures in the garden of the banyan game room.

A prank master's goal is to scare people by using sirens, air horns, and horror call pranks. Set up your rainbow-colored friends' pranks and play hide-and-seek.

If you enjoy the retro games online genre and want to try something new, consider Tekken 3 or Disney's Hercules. Have a good time!


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