Eyes of Horror

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Eyes of Horror

You enter the mansion in the middle of the night.

It is extremely large and designed in the form of a maze.

You are desperately attempting to run away, but the monster is right on your tail!

The pursuit got underway.

Eyes of Horror A terrifying and sinister survival horror game in which you must avoid being killed by terrifying monsters and other obstacles.

In this terrifying yet free survival horror game, you will have to avoid being scared by evil forces and escape from ghosts.

In this free atmosphere-driven horror game, you'll come across terrible beasts, terrifying chases, and heart-stopping horrors. But under no circumstances should you ever go out to play by yourself while it's dark.

As you venture into decaying rooms in pursuit of treasure, you get increasingly terrified as you hear a peculiar groan that reverberates through the lifeless air. And with that, the pursuit through the haunted mansion gets underway.
The picture system requires that in order to win, a particular amount of photographs must be collected. The many incentives that come with each photo are as follows: (negative or positive). For instance, a picture may cause adversaries to approach the player or cause the player to run indefinitely;

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