End Of War

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End Of War

End Of War is an extremely interesting and attractive game that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is a strategy game where players must use their wits and resources to outmaneuver their opponents. 

After the battle was over, hundreds of bombs were dropped on cities, woods, and farmland, leaving them in ruins. Everything was destroyed in the fire, and the only thing that was left was ruins. The world is in need of a hero who can rekindle hope for peaceful coexistence in the hearts of people and restore life after an era of conflict.

This hero should also be able to unite diverse people of all ages and reconstruct cities. Additionally, this hero should be able to regrow trees. You are that person, by the way! You are the one who has the ability to bring people together and reconstruct homes and factories. Find survivors amidst the wreckage and tend to the damaged trees. Rejuvenate urban areas and steer the nation toward economic growth!


A large number of challenging levels - The method of accumulating resources and the process of distributing them for maintenance - The assembling of teams at different levels and the cooperative building of homes - The riveting account of the revival of the nation


Controls Guide

On a personal computer, the arrow keys serve as the walking control; on a mobile device, a touch joystick on the screen serves as the walking control.

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