Baldi's Basics v1.4.3

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Baldi's Basics v1.4.3

Baldi's Basics v1.4.3 is a meta-horror game that is incredibly odd and has no genuine educational value to be found. It was inspired by games from the 1990s that were spooky or terrible entertainment games.

The objective of the game is to find and take possession of all seven notebooks before running away from school; nevertheless, this will not be an easy task. You will need to become well-versed in every aspect of the game in order to devise a successful tactic, stay one step ahead of Baldi, and prevent him from capturing you.

Mastering the art of manipulating Baldi's pals to your benefit, making judicious use of the goods that may be found throughout the school, and committing the layout of Baldi's school to memory are all vital to achieving success!



Controls Guide

The controls are as follows: WASD to move Shift to run LBM to action Space to look back

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