Baldi's Basics 2

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Baldi's Basics 2

Baldi's Basics 2 gives you the mission of evading capture in a school run by a crazed educator named Baldi. You are confined to a school with Baldi, a charming man who places an excessive amount of importance on education.

He intends for you to receive consequences for the errors you make while you are still learning. If you get in his way, he will chase you around the campus with a heavy ruler. If you don't move out of the way, he will. School bullies will attempt to prevent you from escaping while you are being hunted by them.

Their objective is to make you go more slowly so that Baldi can catch up to you more quickly. Therefore, if you wish to escape from that dreadful area, you have to keep an eye out for all of those potential dangers.

Additionally, your character is tasked with recovering seven notebooks that went missing while traveling to visit a friend. To make the escape mission run more easily, it is important that you upgrade your bonuses and collect a variety of goodies at the same time.

Use your arithmetic abilities to solve all of the problems in the allotted time to avoid getting kicked out by Professor Baldi. Quickly take action because Baldi, the large and senile old man, is standing close behind you with his ruler.

Search for books, extra enhancements, and other stuff that can assist you in evading Baldi and getting away from him. Baldi's Basics 2 is an entertaining game. Have a good day playing Baldi's Basics 2, everyone!

How to play

In Baldi's Basics 2, you can take control of the characters in the game by touching the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

When playing games on a computer, you should make use of the keyboard and mouse. You can move your character around by pressing the WASD keys on your keyboard, using the mouse to look around, and pressing the Shift key to run.


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